Friday, March 22, 2013

The Host (Book Review)

Being a Twilight Saga twihard and a major geek (lol) I immedietly rushed to the library to pick up a copy of Stephanie Meyer's the Host after I saw a trailer in theatres. Personally I had heard through the grapevine that this was Meyer's version of an "adult" novel but after reading it I can clear it as completely Young Adult. Meyer is mormon so she does not write or talk about sex (never before marriage) because of her culture so the idea of her writing a true "adult" novel will never happen. The Host is a large book and can be very daunting, it took me a good two weeks to read it so make sure you have that amount of time to spare. Also the first week was composed of slow, tiny patches of reading the novel because it starts out slow. When you start the book it can be confusing, it is a futuristic science fiction novel and some of the words were completely made up by Stephanie Meyer. The descriptions of the fiction words were even harder to wrap your head around but somehow it was possible. The story follows Melanie and the soul invading her body Wanderer as they have internal fights. Whhen they find a surviving population of humans where Melanie's uncle and brother and cousin and love interest are waiting. In common Stephanie Meyer fashion there is a complivated love triangle that as you read you think "this cant possibly work out". The motto you need for reading this book is "since we found love anything can happen and everything will be". This summary will contain spoilers and will ruin the suprise of the book but there will be a warning before the spoilers so you can skip over if you would like. Enjoy! If you would not like a spoiler summary refer to the above loose summary, it will help you if you are wondering if you would enjoy the book. So in the beginning Melanie wakes up but I say Melanie loosely because it is not Melanie waking up but Wanderer in Melanie's body. This novel is also post apocalyptic amd an alien species but really they are souls, has already taken over the other planets of the world and now they have taken over Earth. The human population is almost all extinct. Seekers, the souls version of police type force, who search out humans without souls (their eyes dont glow silver when light is shone on them) and capture them to surgically insert souls in to their bodies. Melanie was found and attempted suicide but she was still barely alive, if you read the Twilight Saga Melanie's death is very much like Esme Cullen's death. Wanderer wakes up and Melanie is still there. You might be thinking what? So I will explain further. When a soul inhabits a body the human loses all control and dies, so to speak, but that is the normal way. Melanie fights back though and tries to get back control of her body. Wanderer's assigned Seeker suspects that Melanie is still inside Wanderer's mind and wants to switch Wanderer to a different body. Melanie convinces Wanderer to search for her Uncle because she believes he was preparing for the soul invasion. So then you think this novel is going to be about her finding her Uncle but no. About halfway through the book you find her Uncle and the camp. So then what? Well they lok her up in this cave where she can barely fit laying down and have men watching her 24/7 but she is treated badly. Beaut up nearly to death on the first day there. Sokn she is put to work with their habitual life inside the hidden caves and some people start to accept her but her love interest Jared hates her most of all. He hates Wanderer for taking Melanie away from him, for killing the girl he loves. Her little brother Jaimee though is fond of Wanderer, or Wanda as they call her, because he just wanted his sister back one way or another. Then Jared kisses Wanderer and Melanie takes control slapping Jared's face which is when he discovers that Melanie is still in there with Wanda. So Doc, who is Carlisle Cullen so to speak, starts coming up with plans to remove Wanderer and save Melanie but all his previous attempts have just killed both soul and human. Wanda meets Ian, who loves Wanda not Melanie and kisses Melanie's body trying to kiss Wanda. Jared and Ian end up sharing the body that houses the girls they love, and yes Wanda is technically a girl by soul definition. Wanda knows how to remove herself from Melanie's body but refuses to show Doc until she goes on a raid to get the necessary materials. After the raid in which she gathered a bunch of futuristic things to help her they test the theory out on a host body they captured. The girl is thankful to be back in control of her body and the soul is put on the next "flight" out of Earth to a different planet. Doc and Wanda made a deal that she would only show him how to remove souls if he promised to take her from Melanie's body and send her away. She wanted Melanie and Jared to have their happily ever after and she, being a soul, was so selfless that she sacrificed her chance to love Ian. spoiler alert Ian finds out about Wanda being sent away and convinces Doc to put her in a host body who's human did not survive. So much to her suprise, when Wamda wakes up (she assumed she would be a different form on a different planet) she is still a female human. Ian and Doc explain to her what happened and she can now love Ian as Wanda. Melanie is safe with Jared and Jaimee too. At the end of the novel Wanda and the others are on a raid when they meet another group of humans. The other group of humans is wary of them because they have a soul who they are friends with too, they relax when Ian shows them Wamda and tells them they have others at their hide out where the new humans are invited to live. spoiler over Stephanie Meyer signed on to a trilogy contract with the Host book but as of yet she has not started on a sequel, so maybe she plans on leabing it alone. I am fine with that because the Host ends with all its loose ends tied up pretty well. These are just my views and opinions on the Host. I am definitetly excited to see the Host movie; I had tickets to the Philadelphia blue carpet premiere pre showing event but sadly a family matter came up. I do suggest you read the book before seeing the movie becausw if not the movie will make no sense and you will be very confused . Thanks and of course you should read the book and comment your own thoughts but as for me I give it a solid 7, worth reading if you have the time. ~H

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