Friday, March 22, 2013

Save BIG with these BITs of info.

As a teenager, (13-17), sometimes its hard to have cash on your hands. If your parents are not the type who hand you cash for everything you want to do and if you a) do not have time for a part time job or b) are not old enough for a job then balancing money and activities is frustrating! But it does not have to be, a lot of things you can get for free. Movies, my great grandparents always reminded me of the "good ole days when a movie was a nickel and I thought that was expensive" now it costs ten dollars if you are lucky (ticket price amd concessions). Oh and that is if you are seeing the good old fashioned 2D movie version, instead of the rip off narely 3D version. That is why is my favorite website in the whole wode world! Simply create an account and typw in the movie you are interested in and your zip code and gofobo does the rest. You can get passes to advanced showings of movies which mean the movie is free! FREE! Sometimes you may need an RSVP code but you can google those. Advance Screenings is another good website but they normally just post links to other websites and the reliability is iffy. Another fun thing are freebies! Several websites have links to free stuff. is a decent website but it really is the power og google and sorting through good and bad offers. I have several free necklaces, samples of designer perfumes, sample make up kits, free giftcards, free starbucks coffees, etc. Saving money this way means you can spend it elsewhere where it is needed. ~H

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